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The word “revive” wears its meaning upon its forehead; it is from the Latin, and may be interpreted thus—Return, recall or recovery to life from death or apparent death; as the revival of a drowned person. to live again, to receive again a life which has almost expired;.

Therefore LORD’S REVIVAL MINISTRIES is a Holy Spirit empowered ministry preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring a Revival of God’s kingdom purposes and destinies to individuals, families, communities and nations at large, whereby whoever believes will have a revival of broken relationship with God and enjoy eternity with Jesus Christ.

We are rooted in ISAIAH 61 as our God given guiding bible chapter to accomplish our mission on earth.

Our ministry is a very special, family-like, lovely, lively and multi-cultural community. We have a broad and diverse congregation both in terms of its focus and membership.

LORM is registered and incorporated with government of Uganda (INDR117122992ND, File No. MIA/NB/2015/03/2992) under the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Act, 2016.