Welcome to LORD’S REVIVAL MINISTRIES (LORM), We are Glad You are Here

At LORM, we don’t want to simply greet you at the door — we prefer to welcome you HOME. We are a church of people just like YOU. No matter who you are or where you come from, this assembly is a place where you ENTER AS A VISITOR, BUT YOU GO OUT A FAMILY and you feel welcome. We invite you to unite with us in this Global Calling.


Now , you are a family. The desired atmosphere in our assemblies will be a spirit of accepting one another in Christ

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Revival Mission

The governing factor in our services is the Lordship of Jesus Christ over his people and his Lordship is discerned through the study of His word,

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Get Involved

We will hold that there is no distinction between rich or poor; educated and illiterate race or color,

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