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PR. JOSEPH KIYIMBA welcomes you to the Home of Restoration.

The word “revive” wears its meaning  from the Latin, and may be interpreted as : Return, recall or recovery to life from death or apparent death; as the revival of a drowned person. to live again, to receive again a life which has almost expired;.

In the world today, we see many people living their lives trying to heal from past wounds and scars and have not moved into the realm of blessings ordained for them, because they have been stripped by circumstances, situations, and the enemy of our souls. The truth is that each one of us encounters failed plans, misery, and even tragedy.  We break down.  We can be broken by circumstances, by poor relationships, by physical trials, and even by the consequences of our own actions. Then we begin to feel like we’ve been kicked in the gut so hard and so often that we are just a shell, a faint shadow, of what we used to be. We feel isolated and alone.  No one seems to care and no one is able to rescue us from our sea of despair.  This intense pain paralyzes our hearts, enslaves our every thought, and robs us of the joy of life that once brought us pleasure. And in the end we lose Life, Joy, Peace, Love, Trust, Testimony and Confidence.

Therefore LORD’S REVIVAL MINISTRIES is a Holy Spirit empowered ministry preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring a Revival of God’s kingdom Glory, purposes and destinies to individuals, families, communities and nations at large, whereby whoever believes will have a revival of broken relationship with God and enjoy eternity with Jesus Christ.


To see the gospel preached, Souls are saved, Ministers are raised and Churches planted.

We are a ministry that preaches, demonstrates and teaches God’s word in order to live a holy, loving, blessed and prosperous lives for the Glory of God. And this done through: Aggressive evangelism, the word of faith teachings, and prayer to launch the saints into their calling.

We are rooted in ISAIAH 61 as our God given guiding bible chapter to accomplish our mission on earth.

Our ministry is a very special, family-like, lovely, lively and multi-cultural community. We have a broad and diverse congregation both in terms of its focus and membership.

There always seems to be a lot happening. We believe that God still has much to teach us, we don’t always agree with each other and we have a lot to learn. The current morale among those who attend our LORD’S REVIVAL CHURCH is high and there is a real sense of excitement about the future.

LORM is registered and incorporated with government of Uganda (INDR117122992ND, File No. MIA/NB/2015/03/2992) under the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Act, 2016.