About LORM


We are a non-political, non sectarian, non-governmental and a Holy Spirit empowered ministries preaching the gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST to bring a Revival of God’s kingdom Glory, purposes and destinies to individuals, families, communities to become men and women of Influence.

LORM is registered and incorporated with government of Uganda (INDR117122992NB) under the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Act, 2009.


In LORM we want to reflect the following seven core values and attitudes as foundational ministry pillars:

  1. Transformation, The governing factor in all of LORM is the Lordship of Jesus Christ over his people and his Lordship is discerned through the study of His word in an attitude of Joy and acknowledging Christ’s Lordship over all
  2. Courage & Perseverance:  in an attitude of patience, faith and hope
  3. Unity: The desired atmosphere in our assemblies will be a spirit of accepting one another in Christ so that we can work out doctrines and practice them in an attitude of love, peace, self-control, grace and compassion understanding that While we are all diverse in many ways, we have one thing in common and our unity is in our relationship to Christ Jesus.
  4. Stewardship: We will seek to practice faith and generosity with our finances in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. With no building to keep up, the finances can go to ministry support, the spread of the gospel and the needy in our midst. in an attitude of faithfulness, gratitude and servant hood
  5. Collaboration: We will hold that there is no distinction between rich or poor; educated and illiterate race or color, but that all in Christ are priests to God and offer spiritual sacrifices to Him. We will all bear a responsibility in building up the body of Christ. in an attitude of kindness, goodness and mutual respect
  6. Excellence: The chief commitment we will have in LORM is the goal of Christ-likeness in every aspect of our conduct. Humility before other believers will be an important factor in growing in Christ likeness an attitude of gentleness, humility, acknowledging that we are all image bearers of God
  7. Integrity: Our discipleship of others will consist in modeling the life of Jesus Christ, not just telling it. We will strive to live in such a way that we can truly say, “Imitate me as I imitate Jesus Christ.” in an attitude of transparency, openness and trustworthiness


  1. L eading people to Jesus Christ
  2. I ntegrating them into His body the Church through relationship
  3. F ellowshipping with one another  in the Lord Jesus Christ
  4. E quipping people to fulfill their God’s ordained purposes, in the plan of God for His Church