Children of Revival Ministry

This addresses the concerns and conditions of children in the congregation and community that they may grow in their understanding of God, themselves, others, and the world so that their quality of life may be improved through a personal faith and growth as a disciple.


The Mission Lord’s Revival Ministries Children’s Ministry is
To see children come to know Christ and be Biblically discipled, to consistently grow in Christ, develop a Biblical World-view, and serve Him.” Proverbs 22:6


The Vision Lord’s Revival Ministries Children’s Ministry is “
To reach into the lives of children in our church and community with the Gospel, portray the love of Christ and teach them the things of the Lord.”


In Proverbs 22:6, it says that parents must train their children in the way they should go and when they’re older they won’t be lost. This doesn’t mean that children won’t periodically stray away from what you taught them, but they’ll always remember those lessons when they’re faced with various challenges in life. Besides parents, church leaders can also contribute to children’s spiritual well-being through a children’s ministry.

Building of Moral Character

One of the most important objectives of a children’s ministry is to build moral character in them. For example, if you’re interested in teaching children an attitude of servanthood, you would hold some Bible lessons that teach about helping those in need with any resources that they have.

Fellowship with Like-Minded Christian Children

Another important objective is to help children establish close friensdships with fellow Christian children so that they can grow spiritually together and do various activities that are wholesome and that please God. This is especially beneficial for middle-school children, who are dealing with peer pressure and who need encouragement from others in their churches.

Gaining Knowledge of Biblical Truths

The children’s ministry should also have the objective of instilling a strong knowledge of biblical truths in the children. When Christians learn to see events and issues in their lives from a biblical worldview, they can be more discerning in the decisions they make as they grow to adulthood.

Learning the Importance of the Church

When children are involved in a children’s ministry, they learn that the church is essential for the well-being of all Christians. Tell them that when people sing in church, they are praising God, and that when they give money in church, they’re not only supporting the church, but they are also helping to serve the community.

10 Reasons Why Children’s Ministry Matters

The reason we say yes to committing our lives to serving and shepherding children is because it has clear biblical foundations. Children’s ministry was God’s idea. The discipleship of children is obedience to what God has said.

I want to share with you why I believe Children’s Ministry is one of the most vital.

  1. Children’s Ministry was a priority for Jesus. The disciples didn’t think it should be, but Jesus did. He made time to minister to children.
  2. Children are the greatest mission field. Stats show that 85% of people who come to Christ do so before the age of 18. We must invest our time and resources where we will see the biggest harvest.
  3. Children’s ministry can be a major growth engine for your church. When you reach children, you reach parents. We can have the greatest worship and messages, but if the children are not connecting, mom and dad won’t stick around for long. There’s a reason people stand in line for hours waiting for their kids to see Santa.
  4. One of the best investments you can make for your church is a great children’s facility. It will pay for itself many times over by the families it brings.
  5. Children’s Ministry is not childcare. It is ministry at the most critical time in a person’s life. The early years are the most formative.
  6. Staff your Children’s Ministry well. There is no “slow” time for Children’s Ministry. Summer is our busiest time and we go from that right into the fall. A good ratio is one full-time person for every 100-125 kids. Your Children’s Ministry staff is one of your most valuable partners in ministry. Take good care of them.
  7. If your Children’s Ministry space is at capacity, your church will stop growing. It doesn’t matter how much space you have in the auditorium. A full Children’s Ministry space is a lid for the entire church.
  8. Student Ministry is vitally important, but don’t let Children’s Ministry get lost in its shadow. Remember, students can drive themselves to church. Children are brought by their parents. If you want to reach families, reach kids.
  9. Children are not the church of tomorrow; they are the church of today. A healthy family is made up of grandparents, parents, and children. Involve them in the life of the entire church. Give them opportunities to lead worship, greet, pray, read Scripture, serve, and more.
  10. Make the Children’s Ministry budget one of your largest budget items. God will pour out His financial blessings on a church that invests in reaching and discipling children.

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