Our Leadership Team is enthusiastic at serving God under LORM, We are a great team of ministers leading and Equipping God’s people to fulfill their ordained purposes in God.

Pastor Joseph and Constance Kiyimba

The passionate enthusiasm of this couple shines through as they minister the Word, mentor, council and lead with a gentle hand the good people of LORD’S REVIVAL MINISTRIES. Their many years of experience in Pastoral Ministry, planting churches, and holding organizational positions have made them uniquely qualified to shepherd this congregation the LORD has put into their trust. Their connection with God and their ability to connect with people from all walks of life has helped create the warm and inviting atmosphere here at LORM. Spirited worship, passionate prayer, and hard work have been the hallmark of Joseph & Constance’s tenure at LORM. It has brought this church from a handful of people when they first came, to a thriving, growing body of believers who are positively impacting their community.Because of these principles, and a strong reliance on the LORD JESUS CHRIST, the future will continue to be bright and the possibilities endless for LORD’s Revival Ministries

Pr Asiku Levi

He stands in the heart of People as a Asst. Director of LORM and a Lead Pastor of LORD’S Revival Church Mukono Branch where He plans activities throughout the year such as Fellowships, Evangelism Out reach, Youth Connection, trips, and various other events that help our congregation to grow in the LORD, stay grounded in life, and connect with other BELIEVERS for fellowship and strength.  Jesus is exalted, worship is experienced, and the Word of God is consistently planted in the hearts of our people week after week