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Your Generous Giving Heldps LORD’S REVIVAL MINISTRIES, to reach the lost and hurting souls, to bring hope and restoration to their lives and fulfill our mission in ISAIAH 61:1-3. With a Generous seed of any Amount, Fill the Form below as saw a seed as The LORD JESUS CHRIST Leads You. God BLess you.

We are continually being invited to the poorest of COMMUNITIES to encourage and spread the love of God. We never refuse a request to minister if our finances and schedule permit us to go. Your financial support enables us share the Gospel wherever we are invited.

Your gifts not only help to support our worship ministry, but also drive our children Ministry, Sunday worship services, family activities, Gospel outreach in our community, and missions both here in Uganda and abroad. The following are some of our immidiate needs:

  1. Church Permanent Premises: This Include Land of our own at all various Ministry Branches to help us have a permant addresses and stablize to avoid nomadism to help church growth
  2. Music and Sound Equipment: This help in our Worship Services to make them enriching to usher the congregation into the awesome presence of God, It also help us in the Global Cause of evangelism where witnessing Christ and Descipleship Missions becomes impactful.
  3. Vehicles and Transportation Needs: Most of our Churches, and missions are of far distances, We need Cars to transport our pastors and other ministers, from their place of residences to the church premises and the same as to ministry Missions of evangelism.
  4. Bibles and other Gospel Literature Material: for discipleship and Sunday School classes
  5. Financial Support: Many of our Pastors need financial upkeep to stand in ministry and concentrate of the services of the LORD. This can also help us to establish projects that can help generate income for other ministers of the church.

We are grateful for all our partners and friends who stand with us to make this Ministry fulfill God’s ordained purposes as stated in ISAIAH 61:1-4. GOD BLESS YOU.

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Saw a seed of Faith. Genesis 8:22